Friday, February 27, 2009

British Birds

I have this fascination with the birds here. Greeting me as I came off the airplane when we got here were 2 magpies. Now, around here, they are kind of pesky, but they are so breathtakingly beautiful to me. I also love the big black crows/ravens/rooks, or whatever that gather in the bare naked trees in my yard at dusk. (I can't tell what they are...yet.)

But, it is always a treat when we spot one of these in our yard. It is a pheasant, and yes I know they have them in the states, but it isn't often you see one and never so close.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Here we are!

Online at last! I hope to be more regular about posting. So sorry for the long time with no posts.

We love it here in Wales. So much in fact, that we are considering staying after our ex-pat assignment is up. A lot depends on the economy and the stability of the company. (Not sure how stable things are on the US side for this company and if the offices we will move to in Michigan are even going to stay open much longer.)

We are going gluten free again. I've noticed big changes in our family with the addition of gluten and it's just not worth it. It is easier to find gluten free food over here, and already we've found a lot of snacks we like. If we all do it together, then it will be much easier on the person who really needs to be gluten free. Thing is, all the changes that have happened since eating gluten again are very subtle (and yes I realize some are related to the move), but the Lord of Sound (husband) and I are convinced.