Friday, October 8, 2010


Sorry, I've neglected this place lately. I don't know why. Just haven't felt motivated I guess.

Repatriation is Hard. I think it is, in many ways, more difficult than originally leaving the states for Wales. This move we have six people "homesick" for the old place. Yes, even Miss Mousie and the Tiny Goddess have mentioned wanting our "old house" and our "old car".

But life goes on. We are settling in here and starting to build a community. And before you say, "Oh but you are so outgoing, you're good at that sort of thing." Sure, being outgoing helps (and don't think I don't force myself to be outgoing. I have to force myself to put myself out there.) I'll repeat it here again, community building is a skill not a talent. Yes, like any skill it comes easier to some but it is still work and hard work at that.

The children are doing well. The boys still would "rather be in Wales" (their words). But they do like it here and are making friends. We live in a nice neighborhood where we can bike to the library and walk to parks and shops. Near our house, in our neighborhood, is a great nature preserve and wetlands. We consistently see blue herons, swans, ducks, seagulls, and cranes there. I've also seen bats and deer.

We found a lovely homeschool group and enjoy our local Quaker meeting. I'm even teaching the Explorer and the Tiny Goddess' First Day School class this month.

The leaves are changing colors, the weather is bright and sunny and cooling off. I'm enjoying the autumn breezes and sights and trying very hard not to think about winter.