Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Composer and Artist study

This is something I've tried to work into our "school" for a while and haven't been able to do for some reason.

But, now, well we are doing alright in that department. Basically my plan is this: We study one artist for 4 or 5 weeks looking at one piece a week. We are using a book called Discovering Great Artists to do one or two projects for each artist. Every morning during circle time (more on that later) we look at the piece of the week and each of us tells one thing we notice about it.

For the composer studies, we are using a fabulous website called Classics for Kids. We study each composer for 4 or 5 weeks. We listen to one show from the site a week and have one piece a week that we listen to.

It's quick, it's painless, it's easy.

And did you know that Bach had 20 children? Most of them were musicians also. That blows my mind for some reason.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

101 Things in 1001 days....The big list!

Ok, so now remember that I reserve the right to change any of these at any moment. It is after all my list. I think I will have an official start date later. The Artist has mentioned joining me in this quest so I have to wait for him, plus I want to do something cool to mark the date.

Also, thanks to Handmade Homeschool for the idea. I have sort of stolen a lot from that lady's blog. Sorry and thanks.

So here it is.....TARANTARA!

101 in 1001
1. Knit Mrs. Beton (learn to use beads w/knitting)
2. Knit a cardigan for me
3. Learn to crochet
4. Illustrate a copy of the Tao te Ching
5. Crochet or Knit a blanket
6. Spin my own yarn
7. Make wine
8. Dye wool/yarn w/natural dye
9. Learn Welsh national Welsh
10. Record a cd of ballads
11. Record a cd of hymns
12. Record a cd of my stuff
13. Put first 2 CDs on iTunes
14. Play one gig
15. Sweater for me
16. Sweater for the Lord of Sound
17. Sweater for the Artist
18. Sweater for the Explorer
19. Sweater for the Tiny Goddess
20. Sweater for Miss Mousie
21. Learn a new language
22. Bake gluten free sourdough bread
23. Read something by Jane Austen
24. Read something by one of the Bronte sisters
25. Read The Scarlett Letter
26. Read one Redwall book
27. Read entire Harry Potter series
28. Read one Shakespeare play
29. Learn Cable Knitting
30. Learn Fair Aisle or Intarsia knitting
31. Learn to darn socks
32. Read Oliver Twist
33. Throw an awesome Christmas party inviting people from the LoS' work
34. Read (or listen to via audio book) everything written by Maeve Binchy
35. Learn to play and sing Alice's Restaurant
36. Learn to play and sing Joni Mitchell's California
37. Sing in London (A Foggy Day in London Town)
38. Sing in Paris (either Joni's California or Free Man in Paris)
39. Read something by Charlotte Mason
40. Learn to needle felt
41. Bind a book that is already printed
42. Drive in UK
43. Learn a new instrument
44. Complete the Lively Latin course
45. Make a Mei Tai
46. Make a sling for our local home ed group
47. Learn a new type of dance
48. Take a bike tour of London or Paris
49. Learn to felt something I've knit
50. NaNIMo
51. yoga goal: create a daily sequence and do it for 30 days
52. walk a 20 min mile
53. Knit lace
54. Knit pants or diaper cover
55. Surf standing up
56. Ride a horse on the beach
57. Make DVD of home videos
58. Knit or crochet 20 hats for preemies
59. Knit or sew a doll forMiss Mousie
60. Have an entire Handmade Holiday (directly stolen from Handmade Homeschool)
61. Don't buy anything for a month
62. See 100 castles
63. Take a road trip alone with kids
64. Read everything by L.M. Montgomery
65. Go camping alone with kids
66. Put a video of me singing on YouTube
67. Knit w/plastic bags
68. Make fabric from plastic bags
69. Set up my Etsy shop
70. Do print making
71. Go Letter boxing
72. Record a book for librivox
73. Busk
74. Reread The Once and Future King
75. Socks for my family and myself
76. Go kayacking or canoeing
77. Read at least part of the Lord of The Rings Trilogy or the Hobbit
78. 100 miles (walking or biking)
79. Reread the Narnia series
80. Make 10 hats for chemo patients
81. Put a pattern on Ravelry
82. Knit fingered gloves
83. Pet a sheep
84. swim in the ocean in winter
85. Listen to and learn all the vocabulary from all the Learn Welsh podcast
86. Make a 100% up/recycled journal
87. See puffins
88. Sew a bonnet for each of my girls
89. Participate in British pub quiz
90. Read a book in a foreign language
91. Record a song for librivox
92. Memorize 10 poems
93. Read Terry Jones' Medieval Lives
94. Walk part of Offa's Dyke Trail
95. Memorize states in order of statehood
96. Project 365
97. Read a book on the History of Wales
98. Read Walden
99. Record a Christmas cd (myself)
100. Adeste Fideles in Latin
101. Family Christmas cd