Thursday, March 18, 2010

more letter friends

Here we have l, th, and qu.

l is the Explorer's letter. Easy.

th is tricky. See, what happened was this boy stole Terrible the sword (see him holding it) and Mr. h's hat. He's so proud of himself that he's teasing the knight and Mr. h and saying, "Thhhh!" (A battle did ensue between the knight and th interuppting our party planning.)

and the queen, qu. Obviously she has a long ponytail, but she also usually carries around an upside down umbrella. We aren't sure why.

d is a dog curled up asleep with his long tail sticking straight up

v is a vet

and n is a guy with a big nose who likes to look up


Word Family Town part 1b

For some reason, blogger isn't cooperating with me so I'm breaking this post up into more than one post. More letters to introduce:

m is a mountain man

r is a rat
f is the Tiny Goddess (her real name starts with F)

w is a walrus

p is a pretty princess with a ponytail
j is jumping (see it even jumps for the photo!)

b is a boy with a baseball
h is a man with a funny hat
and t is a knight with "terrible the sword"

Then we planned parties for the various homes. In order to attend a party at a house, the letter had to be able to make a word with the family. So we went through them all and I made a list. We will probably review it today and tomorrow and then make another village with some more houses next week, maybe even add a few new letter friends.

Word Family Town part 1

First of all, I got the idea from my wonderful friend who did a similar project with her children. Here and here are their villages. So we began ours this week. We kept it small, more of a village really. The picture is self explanatory. To populate our town, we had a select group of letters. Each one had its own character and personality.

c is a cat.

g is a girl with a curl

s is a ssssnake

Friday, March 5, 2010


Finally figured out how to convert a wav file to an mp3. So I'm announcing the birth of my MySpace Musician page.

Now, this is a rough recording. Now that I know how to do it, I'll put some more polished stuff up there. But, I'm psyched all the same.

Jo Brown Music

Enjoy and stay tuned!