Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Place Value Apartments

Last night I made this big posterboard creation to help cement the idea of place value for the Explorer. He's been doing this type of math for some time now but still often needs prompting to begin the addition or subtraction in the ones place.

It should be pretty self explanatory how I made the apartments, but if you have any questions, just post them in the comments and I can explain further.

Because it is so large, I'll have to post it in three sections.

First we have the Billions house:

Next, the Million house:

Now the Thousand House:

And finally, the Hundreds House:

I'm having problems with Blogger, so I'm going to put some photos of the work we did in a separate post.


the cat said...

Those are great! I think half of my personal draw to Waldorf is the frequent use of rainbows.

Amy said...

I like those. Great idea! I have to teach place value and a lot of students have trouble with it every year.