Monday, March 23, 2009

Building Community is a skill not a talent.

This is my mantra lately. I know it's true. I know that finding friends and community isn't just something someone is good at or not good at. I know that as long as I keep an open mind and keep putting myself out there, I'll find what I'm looking for.

Really, though, I've already got a bunch of leads on possible kindred spirits and we are already involved with a home ed group.

The thing getting in my way now is illness. Right now I'm the main one who is sick and honestly I know it's a little bit my own doing. I knew right when I started to feel bad I needed a day of rest. Instead, I decided to be a martyr and take an afternoon here, an hour there instead. And so, over two weeks later I am still sick only this time I have either mastitis or a plugged duct. Both girls are overcoming pinkeye (which they got from me). All this physical illness makes me have little flare ups of depression (which is also a physical illness). All of this gets in the way of my community building.

I still maintain that it is a skill not a talent and will be posting my thoughts on that later, but for now I have a naked two year old (screaming at me), half naked baby, and a boy telling me how hungry he is. (I know it's crazy, but if you don't eat lunch, you will be hungry later. Plus in a house full of food, seems like a person could avoid being hungry.)

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