Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Learning to count in a new language....

I am considering teaching the Explorer, who is still struggling to count to twenty (those teens are confusing) to count in Welsh. In Welsh the counting basically is 10 as 1 ten and zero, 11 as 1 ten and 1, twenty-one as two ten and one, ect.

What I wonder is if other people who have children struggling with learning differences (aka "learning disabilities" how I hate that term) have tried something like this.

I'll have to learn myself first, and I have neighbors who have volunteered to help me with pronunciation (my Welsh pronunciation is Terrible!).

Have any of y'all heard of something like this? Either changing the names of numbers or something like this?

We'll continue to work on the English counting but right now I feel like it's holding him back.

More later....

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