Sunday, April 19, 2009

More bird pictures...

There were a ton of Rooks in Ireland. I mean a lot. They were tamer than my Welsh rooks also, so I got the amazing picture you see above. Their beaks look like wood to me. I would so love to touch the outside of one of them. I'd also like to hear them tap their beaks on the ground, on trees, on a drum. Do they do that? Is that weird that I wonder these things? (Don't answer that.)

Here is a surprise we saw. First we drove by and spotted this beautiful creature, then we turned around and pulled over so I could get a better look. (I got stung by nettles on my lower back, but it was so worth it!)

Baby cries now, more later!


Anonymous said...

I wonder if that's a European version of the North American great blue heron...will have to check with ds#1. They're magnificent birds.

Anonymous said...

B thinks it's a grey heron (since that's the Eurasian type); is that what you think too?