Monday, April 6, 2009

no poo on hold

I have too much going on to deal with my itchy head right now. Suffice it to say, the salt does not help. I'm breaking out the nasty coal tar shampoo tonight.

On other fronts, some funniness:

The tiny Goddess, being super excited about the Eating in the Living Room Because Daddy's Not Home started running in circles around the sheet we had lain on the floor chanting, "Run, -aster, -aster!"

I handed Miss Mousie the remote while I took the (not so) tiny Goddess upstairs and she put it on the Welsh language tv channel. What's super cool is I understood two little phrases, da iawn (fine, ok) and nos da (goodnight).

I also have my firefox browser set to Welsh. Why? Because when I installed the updates I thought I was so cool. So now I can say tab, new, window, bookmark, cancel, and ok in Welsh. Well, say is an overstatement, I can read them in Welsh. My pronunciation is so bad that I have to translate back into English for Welsh speakers.

I got a call from my Stitch and Bitch buddies. They had gotten my email saying why I wasn't going to be there and they wanted to check on me.


It's a good thing.

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Happily Ever After said...

Swansea, they said Swansea in Welsh and I understood it.