Wednesday, April 22, 2009

sick again and again and again...

I got really sick yesterday all of a sudden. We had taken the train to home ed group and on the way back I felt so bad that I just cried on the train, cried at the station, and really broke down in the car. Today I went to the doctor to get blood tests to figure out why I can't stay well. The tiny Goddess keeps coming up to me and saying, "Mommy sick" and "Mommy cried in the car." and piling her blankets on me. (This is huge since she doesn't like to share her blankets.)

All this illness (two months of off and on illness) is really bringing me down emotionally.

My husband is a little sick too.

Please hold us in the light.


Sara said...

So, so sorry to hear you're still/again sick. I hope it's just that you're cycling through all the new European germs, and that you'll be well again soon. We did this... I swear we were sick for months.

Teresa R said...

I didn't realize from you FB posts just how sick you were...that's awful to be so sick that it made you cry. :(

Thinking of you and hoping fervently that you'll be well soon!