Saturday, August 8, 2009

101 Things in 1001 days...

I'm still working on my list. So far here is a taster:

Knit a large cardigan for me
Knit or crochet a full sized sweater for every person in my family (will most likely make this separate list items for each person)
Knit Mrs. Beeton
Learn to knit socks
Learn to Crochet
Dye yarn with natural dye
Spin yarn from roving

Record myself singing in every country I visit (so this means I have to go back to Ireland, oh darn)
Record three cds and put them up on (One of hymns, one of my own stuff, and one of old songs in the public domain)
Play at least one gig in a pub or coffee shop or something while I live in Wales

Participate in project 365 for a year then print out photos into a book.
get my driver's license here in the UK

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